Win7-Win8 Forced Win10 upgrade

With Windows 10 out there Microsoft is now taking an aggressive stance on upgrading windows 7 & 8, if you’re not watching the updates you may wake up with windows 10 without ever meaning to install it.

If that happens you have 30 days to revert back to the previous operating system after that you’re stuck on Windows 10.

Video’s discussing the current stance microsoft is taking:

These most recent updates relate to ‘Get Windows 10’:

Some tools to take control and prevent the windows 10 upgrade:

  • GWX Control Panel – Many features but may not be for everyone also has a stand alone and installer version.
  • Never 10 – Made by GRC it’s solid but basic to the point stand alone software as always.

Not knocking windows 10, but i don’t want to be forced to it as i’ll never trust microsoft not to brick my computer with forced updates. I know you can tweak settings to tell the computer you’re on a limited internet connection so it won’t do the updates or will postpone them but until Microsoft pulls their head outta their ass and gives users reasonable real control i’ll abstain for now.

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