WordPress API reference, editor styling

Just a quick post to the codex entry relating to this topic:


Nothing to hard there on the surface, but may require including the whole theme style which may break the editor visually requiring overriding some of the core theme elements, Which if it breaks or messes up the editor visually having to manually over write/nullify the offending css rules.

Leading to if that is the case is it maybe more efficient to create a separate css file for  lists/paragraph/heading/image/video type defines ONLY compared to pulling in the whole theme style.. All that seems to be a revolving door mostly resting on the choice of using @import or not which has slightly higher overhead compared to not using it.

Literally the only difference would be not using @import, and instead of going round the merry go round just doing the work in the opposite direction instead of re-defining what we re-defined (the merry go round!), simply dig out what is needed and include that only.

Bitcoin Mining

Potentially looking at getting a bitcoin miner/setup
Is several options most i like have related guides on DogieCoin’s Guides, possibly most efficient is the RockMiner R-BOX at 32~37GH/S consuming 40W~50W power.

Links below:

Mining Pools:

**Everything below is Old/Dated**

The most important component(s) to the build is the graphics card(s), and it appears that the FLOP rating and memory bandwidth are key here in terms of bit mining via graphics cards..

ATI Radion HD models worth looking into:

  • 6990 : 700+ mhash/s, cost on ebay: £250+ ballpark found 1x listing(s)
  • 5970 : 700+ mhash/s cost on ebay: £250+ ballpark found x1 listing(s)
  • 7970 : 600+ mhash/s cost on ebay: £250+ ballpark found x10 listing(s)
  • 7950 : 450-500(?) mhash/s cost on ebay: £225+ ballpark found x10 listing(s)
  • 6970 : 380-400(?) mhash/s cost on ebay: £250+ ballpark found x1 listing(s)
  • 5870 : 380-400(?) mhash/s cost on ebay: ?+ ballpark found x1 listing(s) (all for macs?)
  • 7850 : 300-400(?) mhash/s cost on ebay: £125+ ballpark found x10 listing(s)
  • 6950 : 350 mhash/s cost on ebay: £150+ ballpark found x10 listing(s)

Nearly everyone uses a AMD Sempron 145 CPU, with varried motherboards and higher end power supplies to support multiiple graphics cards.

Links below:

Mining Pools:

Foot Note: Current daily pc with a crappy card is running around 20 mhash/s, and on slush’s pool i’m getting between the ballpark of 0.0001 to 0.001 BTC per day mining probably 60% of the time in a 24 hr period. Guessing this varies depending on the amount of work the pool is doing as a whole and how consistently my machine is online every round performing work. Also i’m thinking at 200+ mhash/s on slush’s pool I would be getting 0.01 to 0.1 BTC per day. Keep in mind the power consumption of this card/pc is about £50 a year.